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A woman I once consulted with told me her most powerful sexual experiences were with a man who demanded she open her eyes during sex. She was in her 20s and strongly revolted. But she gradually acquiesced and discovered the beauty and intimacy of gazing into her lover’s eyes. Eventually, he convinced her to maintain… [Read More…]

Touch Men and Women Differently

Having grown up with “The Golden Rule,” most of us naturally think we should touch our partner in the way that we would like to be touched. However, human evolution has lead to a physiological gender difference that is important to understand when it comes to physical intimacy. Treating others the way we want to… [Read More…]

Give Thanks for Your Relationships

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FOR THOSE OF YOU IN THE US! Any Day is a Good Day to Give Thanks for Your Relationships, Intimate and Otherwise. If the entirety of a love partnership is not a priority in your life, then the sexual aspect of your relationship will never be as fulfilling as it can be for… [Read More…]