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Read This Letter If You Want To
Experience More Love, Deeper intimacy,
and Peak Sexual Pleasure

From: Ellen Eatough, MA, “The Soulful Sex Coach”

If you crave more love in your life… deeper intimacy in your relationship… or just greater sexual arousal and pleasure for you and your partner, then I believe this will be one of the most exciting letters you’ll ever read!

Here’s why…

As it says above, my name is Ellen Eatough. You may or may not have heard of me before. I am known in the media as “The Soulful Sex Coach,” because for over 25 years I’ve helped men and women experience life-changing sexual and relationship breakthroughs.*

Said another way: I help men and women just like you break free of any emotional or psychological constraints (conscious or unconscious) so your body and mind are free to

Experience Exquisite Levels Of
Intimacy, Love, And Full Sexual Expression!

Fact is: there are lots of common experiences in life that can damage your natural, spontaneous sexual expression.

Experiences such as:

  • Negative messages from parents and teachers
  • Cultural and religious restrictions
  • Sexual, physical and/or emotional trauma
  • Insensitive pelvic exams, especially at a sensitive age
  • Hurtful comments by or breakups with past lovers

And these very common experiences can impede your ability to enjoy the deeper levels of intimacy and the fullest levels of sexual expression and enjoyment.

Experiences like these can cause you to contract physically, emotionally, energetically (even cognitively). And over the years, these experiences and your instinctive self-protective responses (appropriate for that time) get lodged in the cellular memory of your body and create habits in the firing of your brain synapses. And for most, they quietly wreak havoc on a subconscious level.

Frequently, despite years of conventional talk therapy, the past remains energetically lodged in your body, which can lead to physical ailments or cause you to strike out at the most inopportune moment and prevent you from fully opening to the beauty of experience available right now.

This can restrict your ability to be truly intimate or respond freely sexually, including difficulty with orgasm, pre-mature ejaculation, inability to trust and let go, disassociation, and more.

Fact is: While you may lead a healthy and productive life, there is an everlasting tug the body remembers that can inhibit you from having…

The Deeply Satisfying Sex Life
& Emotionally Intimate Relationship
You Crave!

Some of the symptoms you might be experiencing are:

  • limits to the emotional intimacy you can establish with your partner
  • sexual difficulties (pelvic numbness, difficulty with orgasm and/or erection/pre-mature ejaculation)
  • dysfunctional family dynamics
  • unwanted emotions
  • inappropriate emotional armoring, or unconscious “triggers” to the past that keep you from living in the present.

And, unfortunately, until you access and release the real root cause of these emotions, you’re pretty much stuck in the same old patterns.

The good news is you can free your mind and body of these constraints in a relatively short period of time… and freeing your mind and body opens you to a whole new world of wonderful possibilities in your life, often total transformation.

Transformation for you might mean being free of the armoring and knee-jerk responses that can insidiously interfere with your ability to have a deeply satisfying sex life and enduring emotionally intimate relationships. And the benefits of releasing old patterns typically spill over to transform your relationships with other people in your life – like your children, ex-partners and spouses, parents, siblings, and co-workers.

Although I recognize the value of traditional therapy and exploring the psychological dynamics at play, the most profound and rapid transformation comes from directly accessing and releasing body memories and unconscious emotions – like pulling the weeds out by the roots.

This allows the related self-limiting patterns you may have to release and your energies to re-organize into a more functional supportive flow. Simply put, your body and mind are freed from any negative constraints so…

You Experience the Deepest Levels of Intimacy
and Sexual Expression!

In my years of working with sexual and emotional blocks, I have found that the body has its own way of dealing with trauma, and painful memories often get lodged in the cellular memory. … True healing occurs once energetic patterns begin to shift in the body. Together we can release these self-limiting patterns to enable these shifts.

I also work with men, women and couples to
re-ignite the passion in their relationship and cultivate deep intimacy.

Even in the absence of serious blocks or wounding, many couples find their sex lives and intimate communication waning or hitting a ceiling as the years go on.

One person can absolutely transform a relationship, and I can support you in taking your love life to depths of passion and connection you have barely imagined.

How I Can Help YOU Experience More Love,
Deeper intimacy, and Peak Sexual Pleasure?

Which of these are you most interested in?

Would you like to:

  • Fan the flames of love in your current relationship
  • Attract the sexual and love partner of your dreams
  • Reconnect with and cultivate your own sexual identity and uninhibited self-expression
  • Enhance your skills for lovemaking and emotional intimacy
  • Clear out blocks and experience deep, lasting sexual healing
  • Experience deeper emotional intimacy
  • Have your own sexual-spiritual awakening

Together, working privately over Zoom, we may use various body-mind and energetic frequency techniques (like eye movement, somatic awareness, regression, Instant Miracle Myster, and color) to harmonize your body’s subtle energies and free you from the constraints holding you back from experiencing deep intimacy and natural spontaneous sexual expression.

These private sessions are your chance to free your body and mind from the limiting emotions and experiences that are preventing you from experiencing the deepest, most satisfying levels of love and love-making.

I will also give you tools to transform your relationship and continue self-healing as the need arises.

In order to determine your personal needs and if/how I can help you, I invite you to apply for a free “Extatica Love Life Strategy Session.”

My Goal Is For You to Experience
Electrifying Sex with a Spiritually Connected Soulmate

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To Apply for a Complimentary “Ecstatic Love Life Strategy Session”



From Betrayed and Broken-Hearted to Happily Married

Phil first came to me deeply hurting after his girlfriend left him for his best friend. We had weekly sessions together for less than two months. A year later he sent me a wedding photo of him with his lovely new bride (a different woman). Twenty years later, I still run into them from time to time, and they are still happily married.

Rapid Results

Ellen, I’ve gotten more out of six sessions with you than I did out of six years of therapy!

– Mel, San Rafael, CA

Lasting Results

Well, the sexual and relationship thing is handled! Ellen, I really attribute a lot of the wonderful things that have happened in my life to the work I did with you five years ago. Soon thereafter, I went to India and met my soul mate. We came back to the U.S., got married and bought a lovely home. I’ve since launched into free-lance work and am very happy.

– Carole, San Jose, CA

How could you put a price to it? – When you realize you’re not doing the same old stuff!

“Ellen, our work together is extremely helpful to me in aligning to the better feeling energetic spaces in my relationship with myself and in my relationship with my husband (of 26 years) … and he’s learning and growing too in response!!!”

“Lately I’ve been able to follow my heart in many areas of life, and you were huge in leading me there. The work we do together has taken the “charge” off a lot of things that had a negative charge before. And I think, ‘Wow! How did that happen?’

“I don’t really understand how it’s working, but I truly do believe it’s releasing stuff from my subconscious that I’ve been trying to release for years. It’s resolved; it’s integrated.

“How could I put words to it? How could you put a price to it? – When you realize you’re not doing the same old stuff!”

– Theresa Waller, Newport Beach, CA (married with three children, ages 19-24)

PS: When I first went to put my name on this, I thought it might be a little embarrassing because you’re a “sex” coach and, putting two and two together, people who know me could say, “Oh, Theresa Waller is working on sexual issues!” That being said, my honest response to that would be: “Damn straight! Who wants to stay stuck in that area of their life forever? Not me!”

Uterine Tumors and History of Incest

Diane, a thirty-eight year old single mother with lupus disease, had been sexually and psychologically abused by her father as a child with the knowledge and compliance of her mother. Her current problem was that she had just had a sonogram detecting massive fibroid uterine tumors, which were growing and causing pain. Her doctor insisted she must have invasive surgery to remove the tumors as soon as possible, but Diane was concerned that she was not healthy enough to survive the procedure, which required general anesthesia.

During her first session, she described having a very spiritual and transpersonal experience, in that she had an exalted, almost heavenly perspective over the earth. She then saw her parents and, for the first time, recognized and deeply empathized with their pain and realized that they were also victims. At this point she was able to forgive them for their transgressions against her.

Her abdominal pain went away, so about ten days later Diane had another sonogram. The uterine tumors had subsided to such a great degree that her doctor, who could not explain the change, decided that she no longer needed surgery. Many months later there had been no re-occurrence of the tumors.

Ellen Eatough Coaching Video

To Apply for a Complimentary “Ecstatic Love Life Strategy Session”


My Education and Training

My professional training that relates to this work includes:

  • A Masters Degree in East-West Psychology (a marriage of western psychology and eastern spirituality), from the California Institute for Integral Studies.
  • I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a trained practitioner in:
    • Colored-Light Therapy
    • Biofeedback
    • Body Talk
    • Time Line Therapy
    • Confluent Somatic Therapy
    • The use of the Inner Quest system

I have nearly 35 years experience in holistic health, and since 1991 have worked with clients on transforming sexual and relationship blocks through somatic/emotional release plus myriad relationship transformation tools.