Build a Sexual Bonfire

How to Build and Circulate Sexual Energy for the Most Pleasurable and Profound Lovemaking Experiences  Imagine building a bonfire. You can’t get the biggest, hottest fire by putting a match to a log; you need kindling to get it started. Then, once you’ve got a good flame going with a few well-lit logs, you can… [Read More…]

How to Improve Your Sex Life with Gratitude [Brain Science]

Science has now proven how gratitude can improve your love life (including your sex life). I know, the connection may seem a little murky or like a big leap, but it’s actually very clear and direct. If you’ll stick with me, I’ll connect the dots… First, gratitude can make your entire life happier. And it can specifically… [Read More…]

Consider Genital Reflexology – Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 on this topic, I described genital reflexology. This information has several implications for lovemaking, alone or with a lover. Felice Dunas, Ph.D., author of Passion Play, is an acupuncturist and expert on Chinese medicine and the health benefits of erotic love. In her book, she discusses these reflexology points in detail. Dunas… [Read More…]