Extatica “How Are You Doing?” Zoom Call

Extatica “How Are You Doing?” Zoom CallSaturday, March 28, 2020 Throughout this call I weave in recommendations for free or low-cost ways to help you get through this time of global upheaval and transformation with love and ease. Below the video replay are a few specific time references that may interest you. A few specific… [Read More…]

Be “Like a Virgin”… Again and Again

Remember the song by Madonna, which goes, “Like a virgin, touched for the very first time…”? Well, if you want the best sex possible on a continuing basis, I highly recommend you try taking Madonna’s advice or adopt a Zen “beginner’s mind” into your sexual experience, alone or with a partner! Leave your expectations or… [Read More…]

Dance Naked in the Dark

I love to dance. I especially love partner dancing. One evening, my partner and I were in the kitchen after dinner when some evocative dance music came up on the CD that was playing in the nearby darkened living room. I invited him, a fairly good dancer who has to be in just the right… [Read More…]