Dance Naked in the Dark

I love to dance. I especially love partner dancing. One evening, my partner and I were in the kitchen after dinner when some evocative dance music came up on the CD that was playing in the nearby darkened living room. I invited him, a fairly good dancer who has to be in just the right… [Read More…]

A New View on “Doggie Style”

Remember Pavlov’s dogs? Well, a brief lesson from these doggies can help you enjoy more full-body erotic pleasure. If you took high school science, this may ring a bell (pun intended)… but there is more to this doggie style story than meets the eye. Pavlov, a 19th century Russian physiologist, would ring a bell every… [Read More…]

Make Love, Not War [With Yourself or a Partner]

Today, December 21st, is the winter solstice, officially at 11:19pm (EST). In the northern hemisphere, it’s the shortest day and longest night of the year. For millennia, humans have celebrated the “return of the light,” as the days now get gradually longer. This is also a time of much holiday celebrating often focused on light…. [Read More…]