How to Improve Your Sex Life with Gratitude [Brain Science]

Science has now proven how gratitude can improve your love life (including your sex life). I know, the connection may seem a little murky or like a big leap, but it’s actually very clear and direct. If you’ll stick with me, I’ll connect the dots… First, gratitude can make your entire life happier. And it can specifically… [Read More…]

Touch Men and Women Differently

If your partner is the opposite gender, don’t assume they want to be touched the same way you do. Have you ever wanted your partner to touch you differently? Perhaps with a lighter or firmer hand, but they just didn’t “get” it? Maybe you responded by caressing him or her with the kind of touch… [Read More…]

Get More Sex When You Clear Up This Common Misunderstanding

Men and women typically have different interpretations of the response, “I don’t know,” when they ask their partners if they want to have sex. Your partner can mean something totally different than you think! And this can lead to a missed opportunity for lovemaking. In this tip I explain how to overcome this problem for… [Read More…]