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To Give and Receive Better Sex – Watch Others

I recently had conversations with two women you may relate to (from their partner’s perspectives, if you’re a man). The first I met last week at a conference. I’ll call her Nancy (I always protect confidential conversations). She wrote me afterwards, saying: I wish I had found you a year ago! I thought I had… [Read More…]

Touch Men and Women Differently

Having grown up with “The Golden Rule,” most of us naturally think we should touch our partner in the way that we would like to be touched. However, human evolution has lead to a physiological gender difference that is important to understand when it comes to physical intimacy. Treating others the way we want to… [Read More…]

Connect the Dots to Eroticize Your Body

Everyone knows the story of Pavlov and his dogs… but there is more to this story than meets the eye. Pavlov, a 19th century Russian physiologist, would ring a bell every time he fed his dogs. Eventually, this created a neurological pattern whereby the dogs would begin to salivate any time the bell was rung,… [Read More…]