Use Gratitude to Improve Your Love Life [Brain Science]

Did you know science has proof as to why gratitude can make your love life (including your sex life) better? Gratitude can make your entire life happier. And it can specifically mitigate depression and anxiety, help you fall asleep more easily, make you more resistant to stress, and improve myriad bodily functions. (These factors all… [Read More…]

Change Up Your Thrusting Patterns – Part 2 of 3

No matter how great your sex is, even if you have it “dialed in” with your partner, your brain and body become somewhat immune to pleasure when it’s delivered in the same way every time (think “white noise”). We all need variety to keep sex fresh and exciting. Changing up your thrusting patterns is a… [Read More…]

Dance Naked in the Dark

I love to dance. I especially love partner dancing. One evening, my partner and I were in the kitchen after dinner when some evocative dance music came up on the CD that was playing in the nearby darkened living room. I invited him, a fairly good dancer who has to be in just the right… [Read More…]