Happy New Year! How about a resolution that makes you feel great, is FUN while you do it, and is proven to enhance your health and well being (mental, emotional and physical)? Resolve to have sex more often! More on the many benefits (read: excuses to have more sex) in a moment, but let’s start… [Read More...]

Expand Your Comfort Zone for More Pleasure by Trading Places

The more aspects of ourselves we are able to bring to our sexual encounters, the more enjoyment we can experience. But, as in most of life, we tend to fall into behavioral ruts, hanging out in our comfort zone, which can be limiting. It’s time to expand your experiential repertoire! One way to do this… [Read More...]

How Gratitude Gives You Better Sex and Greater Happiness

I overheard someone say they are so grateful to have you in their life, for the wonderful person you are and for you do! Let that sink in. Doesn’t the idea of hearing that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and interested in, even open-hearted toward, whoever is expressing appreciation for you? And if… [Read More...]