What do you practice in your love life?

A friend showed me this compelling 2-minute video of this lovely young boy asking a very profound and practical question.

The video is not about sex; it’s about all of life – but I’ll show you how it applies to your sex life here too.

Another perspective on this wisdom is that others in our lives are mirrors of something in us. As they say, when we point our index finger at something or someone, three fingers are pointing back at us.

So, as this young boy asks his question, I invite you to consider along with me, how this applies to our love lives as well…

After watching the video, you might ask yourself, for example:

  • Do I practice looking for the good in my loved ones?
  • Do I practice loving eye contact with a smile?
  • Do I practice tuning in my sensuality as a source of pleasure and connection with my body and the world around me?
  • When I make love, do I practice tuning into pleasure and enjoyment, rather than “trying?”
  • Do I practice clear communication?
  • Do I practice clear listening?
  • Do I practice acceptance of my partner’s and my own humanity and the human foibles we all display?
  • Do I practice letting go of the “small stuff?”
  • Do I practice forgiveness?
  • Do I practice joy in relationship?

When we practice qualities like these, the inevitable ups and downs of intimate relationship are not likely to go as low as they otherwise might. Why? Because we’ve actually raised the bar for the lowest it can go.

Practicing what we want more of also provides us with internal resources to deal with the ups and downs with less drama and greater ease.

Speaking of practice that enhances your sex life…

…here’s a fun and easy practice you can do to jumpstart your sex life and feel more connected with your partner on a daily basis.

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