Change Up Your Thrusting Patterns – Part 3 of 3


FireworksWould you like to dramatically heighten your sexual energy and intensity during penetration?

A while back I wrote about varying thrusting patterns. (The links to those tips are below.) “Sets of Nine” is a specific thrusting pattern drawn from the ancient Taoist lovemaking tradition. It is said to also energize all the organ systems and vitalize the entire body.

It’s also great to use when, during a sexual encounter, the energy and intensity start to wane.

When I was conducting a couple’s workshop at a retreat in Austin, TX, one 50-something roly-poly couple sauntered quite late into the third morning’s class with big grins on both their faces.

The woman said, “That ‘Sets of Nine’ you taught us was worth every penny of the $1000 we paid to be here!” Here it is for you for free:

Try Some Time with “Sets of Nine.”

Try alternating deep and shallow thrusts in sets with the number of shallow thrusts decreasing as the number of deep thrusts in a set increases, as follows:


I know this is actually nine sets of ten strokes each, but it’s called “sets of nine” in the Taoist tradition (possibly skewed in translation).

Depending on your position at the time, and who has the greatest mobility, either lover can initiate the pattern. Your partner doesn’t need to be consciously aware of it.

“Sets of nine” is best done slowly. When you use it during intercourse, it can require a great deal of control on a man’s part.

In fact, it can be so intense for both men and women, that most couples won’t make it through to the last set on the first try.

So if you want to extend your lovemaking experience, until the man develops sufficient control, you may need to abort this pattern before he ejaculates. By this I mean you may want to do just the first couple of rounds (say, 8 or 7 shallow strokes followed by 2 or 3 deep strokes) to get the energy pumped up, and then change to a different pattern or position.

Also, don’t get overly mental trying to keep track of the counting – that’s the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish with it. If you want to amp up the intensity, simply use the general idea of the pattern for great results.

And don’t worry if your response is simply “too explosive” – you can always have fun trying it again another time!

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    Awesome and very helpful for an old fart on Cialis

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