Change Up Your Thrusting Patterns – Part 2 of 3

No matter how great your sex is, even if you have it “dialed in” with your partner, your brain and body become somewhat immune to pleasure when it’s delivered in the same way every time (think “white noise”). We all need variety to keep sex fresh and exciting.


Changing up your thrusting patterns is a high-leverage refinement in your lovemaking. Why? Because it gives you notable benefits in terms of pleasure and enjoyment without having to invest any extra time doing it.

Here are three ways to break out of old patterns for continually evolving sexual pleasure.

Alternate the depth of thrusts

I’m talking about intercourse here, but much of this can be applied to oral and manual stimulation or using a dildo.

When a deep thrust during intercourse pushes the air out of the vagina (sometimes expulsing air with a humorous “queef” that sounds like a fart), a vacuum is created. If you follow this with a shallow thrust, it creates a slight tugging sensation on the inner walls of the vagina and increases pleasurable sensations on those pressure-sensitive nerves deep inside.

Whoever is in a position to move their hips most readily can initiate variations in depth of thrusts.

Try deep short thrusts (not coming out very far), shallow short thrusts (in and out with the tip of the penis near the opening of the vagina), and deep long thrusts. You get the idea – experiment in the spirit of fun!

Vary the Angle of Penetration

Varying the angle of penetration can significantly increase pleasure. Different angles may access pleasure spots that are ordinarily missed. It also adds variety and the element of surprise.

Do not underestimate the potential here. Sometimes just a slight shift in angle can skyrocket a woman’s sexual response.

Remember… every woman’s body is slightly different, and her response varies with her stress levels, her monthly cycle and myriad other subtle variables. So, different angles of penetration can have different effects on different occasions.

Some angles will put more pressure or friction on her clitoris, others will massage her G-Spot or the deep reaches of her vagina beyond the edge of her cervix. Each offers it’s own pleasure potential.

Try using pillows or cushions of varying heights to prop up the hips of the person underneath. This can be when he or she is lying on the bed. Or prop up her hips when they are at the edge of the bed, while her partner kneels or stands on the floor to penetrate her.

Once you have props in place, experiment with small differences in how far up or over the prop the person’s hips are. Small shifts in position can change the angle of penetration for different sensations – especially for the woman.

With or without props, either of you can make slight adjustments in the angle of penetration by merely tilting your pelvis forward or back.

The Pause that Refreshes

In music, a pause or rest between notes builds suspense and power. If you stop the thrusting altogether for a moment during lovemaking, it can help a man last longer and build anticipation and excitement for a woman.

Also, strategic pauses can actually give the yin sexual energy in both partners time to heat up, which enhances pleasure all around.

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5 Responses to “Change Up Your Thrusting Patterns – Part 2 of 3”

  1. Larry J says:

    Please send me the music for better sex

  2. Philip says:

    Wonderful for prolonging a womens many pleasures. Most of the time a males can’t wait to get off before the female starts…

  3. Bob Weber says:

    Thanks for the additional information. My wife and I have been utilizing your CD of music to make love too. Will you be making any others and when might they becoming out. I find that the music helps my wife to relax and on most occasions get in the mood for love making very well.

    • Ellen Eatough says:

      Hi Bob,
      I’m glad to learn my “Love Unbound” music infused with Auditory Pheromones(R) is working for you and your wife. Anyone else interested? Go to:
      I’d love to produce more of this type of music, but it was very expensive to produce the first one. If you know of any investors who might be interested in moving this long, please let me know.

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