How to Use Sexual Energy for Healing

Your hands, your heart, and a man’s penis can be instruments for sexual healing. I’m going to discuss a couple of easy ways to heal yourself or your partner with sexual energy.

One method helps a woman’s vagina become more sexually responsive.

Couple Using Sexual Energy for HealingAs you’ve undoubtedly noticed, sexual activity generates a lot of energy. That’s one thing that makes it so fun, right?

Well, that sexual energy is also creative energy –  it’s the primary creative force of the universe, bringing consciousness into the manifest realm. Creative energy is also regenerative energy, and with a little awareness, you can actually tap into this powerful force and channel it for physical and emotional healing.

Energy flows where attention goes. So you can direct your energy for healing with attention and intention, even if you are not adept at perceiving it.

Doing this can also amplify emotional intimacy.

Here are three ways to heal with your sexual energy:

Once you’re aware of a lot of energy being generated while making love, alone or with a partner (for most people, this will be most obvious in the pelvic region), imagine the energy moving up to your heart. From here you can direct the healing energy anywhere in your body.

1. With your hands:

Simply place your hand on the area in need and imagine the energy flowing to it from your heart down your arm through your hand. For example, just imagine it flowing from your heart up to a sore shoulder, into a tender belly, or down to a problem knee.

You can also direct it with intent from your heart down your arms to your hands, and then to a specific area of your own or your partner’s body.

2. With penis-vagina contact: 

Often times during intercourse, a woman may feel a little or a lot of discomfort (or even sharp pain) when her partner’s penis hits a particular spot in her vagina. The “natural” response is to pull back and shift to protect it from happening again.

Did you know this is a golden opportunity to heal a woman’s vagina and help it relax and open to more pleasure and sexual responsiveness?

Here’s what to do. (I recommend discussing this with your partner beforehand in a non-sexual situation.)

A. For the woman: When your partner’s penis touches a place in your vagina that hurts (or is numb), stop and ask him to pause. You might say something like “wait,” or “pause please,” or “healing time.”

B. For the man: Imagine your sexual love energy flowing from your heart, down your torso into your penis and sending it into the painful spot in your partner’s vagina like a glowing magic wand. Just be still while you send focused love energy into that spot with healing intent.

C. For the woman: Breathe into the painful spot while you receive the love energy from your partner, and let the spot speak to you in whatever way it does.

You may sense a message as to what is being released and healed. You might just feel a “thank you” from that spot for being recognized and loved. Once you feel complete, just thank your partner, or smile at him and signal that you’re ready to resume movement.

This can also be done with anal sex and with hand-to-vagina penetration. 

3. With heart-to-heart contact:

Another option is to allow this healing energy to flow directly from your heart into your lover’s heart during physical heart-to-heart contact, either facing each other or while lying “spoon style.”

Simply envision your sexual love energy flowing into your partner’s heart. Then trust that it will flow to wherever the body’s intelligence knows it’s needed most.

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2 Responses to “How to Use Sexual Energy for Healing”

  1. krishnan says:

    is our energy drain out in that act?

    • Ellen Eatough says:

      Hi Krishnan. Good question.

      While it’s possible for an energy healer to send out energy one-way and be drained until he or she can replenish, it doesn’t have to be this way — especially during lovemaking.

      During lovemaking, there can and should be an exchange of energy. It doesn’t have to be simultaneous, but it’s best if it’s in the same session.

      In addition to what I’ve said in the post, you can tune into your sexual energy building and then breathe it in and out of each other’s mouths. Or send the energy through your breath into your partner’s body all the way down to their pelvis. Then, then can add their own energy to it and circulate the combined energy back to you. This works particularly well during intercourse.

      For example, they can send it back to you by visualizing sending it through their genitals into your genitals, up through your body and back into them through your mouth, in a circular manner. Or, they can breathe it back to you through your mouths.

      There are all sorts of ways to build and circulate sexual energy to escalate your sexual experience and for mutual healing. Experiment (ideally discuss it too), and you’ll find creative ways to give and receive sexual energy during oral and/or manual stimulation as well.

      It this interests you, one of the keys to sexual ecstasy is Building and Circulating Sexual Energy. I give lots of techniques to do this in my lovemaking enhancement system, “4 KEYS TO SEXUAL ECSTASY: Experience Soulful Connection with Spine-Tingling Sex.” You can learn more about it here:

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