The Bridge Between Self and Spirit

Your ability to connect emotionally (or your limitations in this arena) is probably the #1 thing that makes your love life (and your sex) beautiful and deeply fulfilling or challenging and frustrating, often stuck in the same old patterns – or worse! 

On Wednesday, I interviewed Raphael Cushnir on my Extatica radio show.* The topic was: “How Sexual Energy Reveals Your Essence.” It was very profound. 

I’ve followed Raphael’s work, and I was so impressed with his approach to emotional connection, that I want to tell you about something special that he has available for a short time. 

Raphael has guided thousands of people on their journey toward spiritual fulfillment. He’s helped them see that we can’t “bypass” our difficult and challenging emotions. Instead, learning how to find and feel those emotions is precisely what UNITES us with Spirit (and can powerfully support your experience of love and sexual-spiritual integration). 

Once we’re moving with Spirit, instead of against it, all our previous blocks begin to melt away. We’re able to tap our full potential and serve the world like never before. 

Raphael has written six books, contributed to the Oprah Magazine, and taught all over the world. He is now offering a 4-part video series called “The Hidden Power of Emotions,” in which he guides you through the principles and practices of Emotional Connection. Each video gets right to the point, and is about ten minutes long. 

The series is completely free. In the first video alone, you can take a valuable first step toward deeper emotional connection. 

Personally, I think you’ll get a lot out of the videos, which is why I’m recommending them. To start viewing, click this. 

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