Dance Naked in the Dark

I love to dance. I especially love partner dancing. One evening, my partner and I were in the kitchen after dinner when some evocative dance music came up on the CD that was playing in the nearby darkened living room. I invited him, a fairly good dancer who has to be in just the right mood for it, to dance with me.

Dance Naked in the DarkHis response, which surprised us both, was, “OK, if we can do it naked.” “What a novel idea,” I thought. I spontaneously disrobed then and there, dropping my clothes to the floor where I stood. So did he.

We turned down the one remaining light and proceeded to the living room where we embraced in conventional partner-style dance form and began.

Now, I’ve danced for him by firelight in the past, but this was different. Mostly upright and with only touch to guide us in the darkness, we found our bodies moving erotically in ways we’d never known before, caressing each other with various limbs and body parts as the music changed and the dance unfolded.

Swirling high, crouching low, stretching like cats, undulating over and under, kissing, caressing. For over half an hour we rhythmically explored delightfully sensuous nuances of eroticism together. Being quite an adventurous twosome, we were amazed this simple idea hadn’t occurred to us until now. Not surprisingly, what followed was pretty spectacular!

If you have children, trade overnights with friends so you can plan some time alone at home together. Or try this in the bedroom if it’s large enough.

Another variation might be to begin by disrobing each other while you dance.

The critical aspect of this tip is combining darkness* (which emphasizes touch and minimizes any self-consciousness) with mostly upright forms of movement unfamiliar in typical lovemaking. Let your imagination run wild!

When You’re Alone:

It can be extraordinarily liberating and exhilarating to dance naked alone in the dark, or by candle or firelight. Put on some music that brings out various moods… graceful, wild, soft, powerful, sexy.

You might want to dance swirling a large scarf, but don’t think about how you look. This is just for you, to explore and expand your erotic, sensual experience of yourself.

* You’ll need just enough light to keep from falling over the furniture. Oftentimes, the digital light on the stereo is plenty.


“The truly sensuous takes time and a feeling for the deliberate, undulating rhythms of the body and of nature.”

  • George Leonard, author of Adventures in Monogamy, Mastery, and numerous other titles.

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6 Responses to “Dance Naked in the Dark”

  1. Ellen Eatough says:

    My pleasure – glad you like it!

  2. M.arshad says:

    very good site for couple

  3. Suresh says:

    Just Fantastic! Hats off to you, for your Romantic brilliance and the beautiful presentation in excellently worded English and for your unique thought. Warm Regards! Suresh, Chennai City, India.

  4. pasquale...pennimpede says:

    hello Ellen, which music is best for erotic dancing in the dark nude, would you be able to email me
    a list of names of the nusic,..thanks…pasquale

    • Ellen Eatough says:

      Hi Pasquale,
      I don’t have any particular tunes to suggest for dancing — that’s a pretty personal thing, depends on whether you prefer fast or slow, what kind of rhythms, etc.
      But absolutely the best (and most effective) music I can recommend for the next step (lovemaking) is my “Love Unbound” music infused with Auditory Pheromones(R). For more info, go to:

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