Extatica “How Are You Doing?” Zoom Call

Extatica “How Are You Doing?” Zoom Call
Saturday, March 28, 2020

Throughout this call I weave in recommendations for free or low-cost ways to help you get through this time of global upheaval and transformation with love and ease.

Below the video replay are a few specific time references that may interest you.

A few specific time references that may interest you:

12:58 – 15:12
I discuss an easy way to get out of your head and meditate. The free meditation audio tracks I mention are iAwake Explore: https://zo158.isrefer.com/go/free-track/extatica/

I invite participants to share. They share challenges plus many beautiful experiences, perspectives, and unique ways they are connecting with others at home and at a distance.

42:20 – 46:22
I described an easy physical/energetic exercise you can do at home with your partner to deepen intimacy and connection and increase a sense of long-term safety.

NOTE: Two things I didn’t think to mention on the call with regard to this exercise:

  1. You could also do this with a child or teenager to help him or her feel safe and connected during this stressful time. The adult would be behind the child or teen and follow the younger person’s natural breathing rhythm. Kids are natural visualizers, so just slowly talk them through it as you experience it. They might even have suggestions to expand this exercise once you’ve guided them through it.
  2. You might also want to focus a few breath exchanges on the solar plexus (just above the navel) with a child or your partner. The solar plexus is energetically the seat of power. The reason I suggest this is we all have some sense of being out of control at this time. As you can imagine, children may feel especially out of control (as they witness the adults in their realm being unable to control circumstances) and thus feel particularly unsafe. This exercise can help.

47:36 – end
I walk you through a spontaneous guided visualization to nurture your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Participants said it was “beautiful,” so I hope you will try it out.

If you missed the live call, please comment below to tell me how you are doing and what kind of support you might like from me.

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