Build a Sexual Bonfire

How to Build and Circulate Sexual Energy for the Most Pleasurable and Profound Lovemaking Experiences 

burning hearts fireworksImagine building a bonfire. You can’t get the biggest, hottest fire by putting a match to a log; you need kindling to get it started. Then, once you’ve got a good flame going with a few well-lit logs, you can spread out the burning timbers and add more fuel for an even bigger blaze.

The same is true for building a sexual bonfire. As you may have noticed, you can rarely ignite a woman’s fiery erotic potential with a match. And a lot of men fizzle out before their full potential is realized.

Here’s a very effective approach to build and extend the duration of your mutual fire for the hottest lovemaking ever.

Hot/cold; Fire/water; direct/magnetize; action/relaxation.
These are all examples of the ways yin and yang can be found in our daily lives.

For the most powerful sexual bonfire, engage the cycle of yin and yang energies in your lovemaking.

Yang, or masculine, stimulation is used to build sexual energy. The yin, or feminine, dynamic is helpful for spreading and circulating this energy to expand pleasure throughout your bodies and prepare for building more energy.

Hot cold heartRelaxation is a yin function. Starting here can set the stage for opening to deeper, more profound pleasure, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You might induce relaxation by taking a bath (together or separately), listening to music, conversation with a light meal, massage, even cuddling together for a short nap if you’re tired.

Then gradually add yang stimulation to begin charging up the sexual energy.

For example, light caresses or scratching electrify the nerve endings of the skin. Dancing together can be very erotic, builds energy, and draws upon both yin and yang aspects of ourselves.

When it’s time for direct sexual stimulation, and eventually penetration (if that’s where you’re headed), build the energy gradually for the biggest ultimate impact.

Once your sexual excitement is climbing and the encounter is getting really hot, complement active stimulation with periods of slowing down before discharging the energy. This should be well before “the point of no return” or ejaculation, if you’re a man (think spreading out the burning timbers before adding more fuel).

Both of you can regroup into this yin flow by breathing deeply and slowly down into your belly.

Then, as you relax, imagine circulating the highly charged sexual energy throughout your bodies – from the genitals outward with caresses and/or intention (“where intention goes, energy flows”). This is a great time to also ground and deepen your connection with your partner through loving soft eye contact.

This sets the stage for you to add more direct stimulation to take the energy and sexual excitement even higher. Continue this cycle of yin and yang to create a real bonfire of dynamic loving sexual ecstasy.

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Ellen Eatough, The Soulful Sex Coach

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