“Good Vibes” for Love and Sex: Why Being on the Same Wavelength Matters


Brett Wade

Show Description:

What is the “chemistry” we sometimes feel (or don’t feel) with another person? Is it actually vibrational resonance?

True love is hard to find, and sometimes it’s hard to maintain once you find it. Being comfortable and in tune with another person is something that we all seek. But why do some couples hit it off right away while others struggle?

With Brett Wade, PhD, author of “The Ekahi Method,” we’ll explore how to form stronger relationships by mastering one thing that connects all living and nonliving things – waves. We’ll discover that our measurable base frequencies are actually waves that interact with other people’s waves. Sometimes these waves can be amplified or flattened by other people and external sources, such as electrosmog.

You’ll find out how to:

  • Tune into your own frequency
  • Set your “base frequency”
  • Sense and respond to external frequencies, and
  • Improve relationships through adjusting your frequency

Website: http://www.ekahimethod.com/

Guest Bio:

Brett Wade, Ph.D is the author of the groundbreaking new book The Ekahi Method: Master the Waves of Life (“ekahi” meaning “one” in Hawaiian). As a practicing physical therapist for nearly twenty years, he became aware of the possibility that our own frequencies, our own waves, may affect not only our health but our relationships.  He explains how, much like radio waves, human beings are always on their own frequency. The harmonies between different types of people, things, and environments are what we refer to casually every day as “good vibes.”

He developed a Frequency Profile as a way of quantifying people’s Base Frequency into one of five Base Frequencies: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET.  After years of experimenting with Base Frequencies, he discovered that when people of similar Base Frequencies come together they describe “resonance” or “feeling relaxed,” and when people of opposite Base Frequencies come together, they describe feeling “nervous” or “anxious”.

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